My ranger has a leak

I have a 2000 Ford Ranger XLT with a standard 2 door cab. When it rains, I get water in my cab on the passenger side floorboards. Where it is coming in, is somewhat of a mystery, but I think we have it limited to the area under the dash between the firewall and door opening. Taking the car to the car wash or pouring water into suspected areas does not produce evidence of a leak…it only happens when it rains. At times Ive actually had a small puddle in the floor board.

Anyone have any ideas?? Weve resealed around the windshield and also the rear window as well as the 3rd brake light in the event that the water was coming in and flowing down. Ive sealed any openings I can think of…yet when it rains, I still get water in.

Thanks for any ideas…

Check the firewall drains, they clog up with leaves and veggie garbage during the fall season. If the drains are blocked the water level will rise until it can leak into the vent.

The opening in front of the windscreen that lets air in for the cabin heater, also lets rain leaves and stuff in and there is a drain in there to let rain water out. Leaves tend to clog the drain You likely only need to clean that out. The drain hose can be cleaned with a length of string trimmer line, but you may only need to clean out what you can see.