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2009 Ford Escape Limited water leaking onto driver side floor

With the huge downpours we have been having here west of Baltimore, I just started to notice water coming into the cabin. I first noticed it on the parking brake release handle. I then felt the plastic above the handle and it was also wet. Some water had accumulated on the left side of the floor pan. I have never had an accident, never had the windshield replaced. However, I did have a problem with the moon roof not closing properly last winter. Once the weather warmed up it started to work fine again. Can someone tell me if water in the area of the brake release handle could potentially come from a poorly draining moon roof? In the meantime if anyone else has any suggestions, feel free to contribute. Thanks in advance for any help.

, The seal for the moon roof is most likely bad and needs to be replaced.

Any good body shop should be able to fix this pretty quickly.


Thanks for the info. I also have found on Google that plugged or partially plugged drain holes can also cause a problem just like this. I will look at that today and see what I find before getting the seal replaced. (If it ever stops raining for long enough)

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You have to get the carpet dried out or you will get mold and other things growing in it. You may have to remove it to do that, which may be difficult.

I think that is a sun roof. Moon roofs don’t open and close.

It’s not that wet. I was able to sop up most of the water. If and when the sun comes out, it will dry the rest of the way. The car is a metallic charcoal gray and it gets HOT in the sun. Regardless, If mold was a problem with this little bit of water, I can’t imagine what kind of problem the snow being tracked in in the winter would cause.

As far as what you call it, the sticker called it a moon roof. And it tilts and slides back.

Thanks anyway.

True, manufacturers can call it whatever they want.

I may have found the problem to be a clogged drain hole which I am going to blow out with compressed air. I will let you know the outcome.

I was able to get one cleared using some heavy nylon fiber for a string trimmer. It drained fine. The other one I couldn’t free up and then it started raining again so I had to stop. That seems to be the probable cause of the original problem since there was a lot of water trapped in the gutter area of the moon roof.

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