Question: Cracked Tube Causing Transmission Issue?

Hello all,

Hoping someone might have a suggestion or advice on an issue my fiancee came across today with her 2003 VW Passat.

She backed out of the driveway onto the street, put her car into drive and the engine would rev but her wheels wouldn’t move. It’s as if her car was in neutral - there is no power/ motion transference to her wheels. We pushed it back into the drive way and she borrowed my car for the day.

I’m wondering if there is a transmission issue since her engine revs like normal. I did notice a large tear on one of the tubes attached to her engine block. Could this contribute to the power loss at the wheels at all? Not sure if its connected to the transmission or not. I’m including a picture below:

EDIT: There are no service codes or warning lights that come on when I start the car

Tube connected to engine with tear

Since I could only include 1 picture in my first post, here is a picture of the overall engine if helpful:

That split hose looks like it’s been that way for a while. So it has nothing to do as to why the transmission won’t engage.

There’s a much more serious problem with the vehicle.


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Thank you for the response - I appreciate that.

Any recommendations as far as trying to diagnose before going to mechanic? Anything to listen to or watch for w/ hood popped when shifting?

When I put more pressure on the gas pedal and kicked up the RPMs, I was able to move the car forward a little - was just testing to see if it was completely unresponsive and it wasn’t.

Would getting more transmission fluid added be a good place to start to see if it helps the issue at all?

The transmission on the vehicle is sealed. So there is no dip stick or a way for a DIYer to check/add transmission fluid easily.

The vehicle has to go to a shop that can perform this service, or the dealer.


Before causing more damage, the OP needs to have this car towed to an independent transmission shop. Do NOT have it towed to Lee Myles, Cottman, Mr. Transmission, or… God forbid… AAMCO, unless you want to overpay for unnecessary repairs and substandard workmanship.