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Kids first car


2000 passat, ~135K miles. Recently purchased for our twin daughters.

Issue 1:

When coming to a stop the engine misses occasionally. Performed the basic tune-up, but, this is random and feels like it’s about to stall out.

Issue 2:

Whiny transmission sounding noise, yes we checked the fluid…

Automatic tranny?


And 4 cylinders.

It is possible that the transmission fluid has never been replaced. You may find that fresh fluid quiets it a bit. Hydraulic pumps prefer fresh fluid to old fluid. Are you sure it is not the power steering pump? They prefer fresh fluid as well.

On the misfire at idle, I would first clean the throttle body and look for cracks in the plastic ductwork between the mass airflow sensor and the throttle body while I had it apart. Then look for vacuum leaks, particularly at intake manifold gasket. Also check for exhaust leaks between the engine and the catalyst. Air can leak in at idle, confusing the rear oxygen sensor.

These may have had problems with their ignition coils that could cause the missing. There was a recall on some VWs for this, has yours had the coils replaced?

Thanks. This gives me something to look into. I changed the air filter and maybe dislodged something since it was so difficult to remove.

The coils haven’t been replaced.