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Question about motor mounts

I have a Pontiac firebird from 1968 and it has a Chevy 350 L98 in it. I can’t get the oil pan out because it hits the subframe so I have to pull the engine up a tiny bit to get enough clearance. It looks like there’s only 2 motor mounts. Would that make sense to only have 2 or should there be more somewhere else like on the firewall or something? I can’t get a very good picture of the driver side mount, but those are the only two I can see. Same with the transmission. Should there be more than 2.

Remove the bolts from the motor mounts,

Remove fan shroud and lay it on the fan.

Place a jack under the crankshaft damper and jack the engine up as far as it can go.

Place 2x4’s between the mounts and the engine to hold the engine up.

Lower the jack and remove it.


There are 3 mounts to hold the engine and transmission in place. One on each side of the engine and one at the transmission tailshaft. That is all you need.

@tester has the right procedure to lift the engine up but I am not sure you can actually get the oil pan off even propped up on 2x4’s. It is a rear-steer car so some of the steering linkage may need to be dropped to make room.

To move the engine that far may require you to disconnect the exhaust and maybe some wiring and maybe the fuel line. Really, why not make it easy on yourself and pull the entire engine. It isn’t that hard.

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The 68 Firebird is a front-steer car.

All the steering components to the steering knuckles are forward of the vertical center line of the front tires.


Alright I might just try and lift it a bit because I don’t really want to buy an engine hoist and I’ve already removed a center link because I thought it was the problem but it may be worth it just to get a hoist. Thanks

Check the clearance between the distributor and the firewall while you lift the engine.

Sure looks like rear steer to me

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I would recommend a piece of wood, like a 2x4 between the jack and the crankshaft pulley.

No, the '70 and up F cars were front steer cars. The 67-69’s were rear steer cars.

1970 pic


@It_s_Me has the 67-69 pic