Clutch won’t fully disengage

Hello everyone, I was just able to get the tkx in my firebird, however now the clutch won’t fully disengage. When trying to make a small gap between the throw out bearing and the pressure plate fingers, I can’t turn the output by hand with the pedal fully depressed. If I make it so the T.O. Is touching the fingers it will sort of disengage but I can hear it dragging when I spin it by hand and it’s hard to do.

I was hoping someone could suggest what I could look for or do because I would love to not have to pull the transmission out again just to adjust the pivot (if I even can adjust it). Could I change something about my clutch pedal or linkage or something. Thank you.

It’s technically a 1968 but I don’t think the model year is helpful since the drivetrain is completely frankensteined now.

Are you still using the mechanical clutch mechanism or did you switch to hydraulic?

Thing is, if the clutch worked with the 4 speed and all you changed was the trans, it should still work.

It’s still mechanical. I noticed that there was a bit of a hotspot, at least I think, on the old clutch. That was probably my fault adjusting but other than that it did work and disengaged

I am not very familiar with the mechanical linkage in these cars. You just have to look at it and see if there are threaded joints that can be adjusted other than the pivot ball.

Probably clutch linkage problem somewhere between pedal and throughout bearing preventing pressure plate from releasing clutch disk from flywheel, but there’s another possible cause: transmission input shaft fits into a hole in the center of the flywheel. If that bearing sticks the pressure plate can release the clutch disc ok with pedal pressed, but the transmission input shaft will still be held by the engine.