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Clutch broke

So this is a little embarrassing but I have a 1968 firebird with a small block 350. Long story short I lifted the engine connected to the trans just a couple inches and now the clutch isn’t working. What did I break?

Just guessing here. I would suspect the clutch linkage is either binding or bent. If you have it up on jack stands or a rack have someone depress and release the clutch and see if everything is moving as it should.

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You tell us…you’re the one right there LOOKING AT IT.
I mean really?


This was my first time doing this and I don’t know a ton about clutches but thanks

The clutch sticks to the floor and I found like a rod disconnected from a little knob coming from about the bell housing, Is that it?

Just sit tight @mio.da.bomb_157143. I’ll drop by and take care of that first thing next year.

No offense but if you haven’t recognized the problem from under the car you need a better light, new glasses or your mechanical talent is severely limited.

Yes. Look at anything disconnected. Could be it

Thanks for all the help bud, this is the first car I’ve ever worked on because I’m so young and thanks to all your help I figured it out! Thanks. It was just somewhere in the clutch linkage that was disconnected

Good going with the clutch.
Curious, you said a small block 350. Did your Firebird have the engine replaced with a Chevy small block?
There is a common misconception that Pontiac smaller displacement engines are ‘small block’, they are not. Pontiac differed from most other manufacturers in that the external dimensions of all their V8s, from 326–455 cu in (5.3–7.5 L) were the same. The displacement is a function of the engines bore and stroke. Pontiac did not have the customary “small-block” and “big-block” engine families common to other GM divisions as well as Ford and Chrysler.

Anyway, have fun with your Firebird, cars of that era were much simpler and easier to work on, IMHO.

Congratulations @mio.da.bomb_157143. persistence is often the route to success. And letting sarcasm roll off your back is a great benefit to getting help here. We have an obligation to keep the timid and thin skinned away from here. Only the persistent can long survive here. BTW there is a double your money back guarantee on all advice.

Yeah they definitely are easier to work on. It was swapped with a 350 but I’m unsure on the year and model. It has the pan from the years 86-95 with the dipstick on the passenger side. The reason I’m unsure is I really don’t want to try and find the engine casting by the trans and the little plate behind the alternator is rubbed off. When I had it running it was awesome to drive.

Well thanks, sorry I guess I get mad quick and I can understand that. And you were honesty kind of right, just needed a little more lighting and I could find it.

Yep, it’s a Chevy. Sacrilege…lol


Agree, a Firebird should have Pontiac Blue underhood! But this is a very common swap.

Well while I’m offending everyone I’ll add that it’s a Transmaro, 6 of one and a half dozen of the other. But one of the best rebuilds I ever did was on a 6.6L chicken that was close to show room new from the ground to the T-tops. Burt Reynolds would have been proud to drive it. The owner wasn’t worried about cost he just wanted it right and he got it.