Question about Brakes


Hey Guys,

I’m a first time new car owner, 2007 Acura TL, and I’m wondering if this noise is normal. I brake and stop say at a red light and when I release the brake to go I hear a noise. I’m assuming its the brake pad releasing (kind of a grinding noise). Is this normal? Thanks a million.


Grinding is never normal. It’s brand new, take it to the dealer and get them to fix it before it gets worse.


There should be no noise, especially a grinding noise, on release. If you can replicate the noise at will, have the dealer make repairs under warranty.


Thanks alot - so there should be no noise (mechanical) whatsoever upon release of the brakes?


Typically the release of the brakes is accompanied by silence.


My 2003 Civic does that. When i asked about it, my mechanic said it was rust build up on the rear brakes, but failed to mention that only happens on disc brakes… (I have drum brakes in the back)


Any idea what might cause the noise? Thanks for any info


Don’t mean to scare you but loose lug nuts make strange creaking or grinding noises too. Tires and wheel covers can be spooky. Dirt/rocks in the wheel covers.