Question about 8th generation corollas

Hey all,

Toyota made a corolla with nice looking wheels, cool dash lighting (OEM), moon roof, etc. And the signature “S” on the rear end.

Is this the Corolla “CE” or the corolla “S” or something else?

Here’s an example car,


Oh I realize the silly listing even says “CE” but my philosophy is “trust but verify” Thanks

I think the ‘CE’ is the base, strippo Corolla, while the ‘S’ has more options.

Just in case you are interested, here is a site where people use language like “Nth generation Corolla”.

I posted there and here, asking how to turn off automatic door locks in an '07. Here, I got suggestions to try a Corolla forum. There, I was ignored.

For the 8th gen Corolla the S model just has some sportier looks. Mechanically it’s the same and the base model, it comes with more bells and whistles, but that’s about it.

So the S model doesn’t have a better engine or upgraded suspension, just looks cooler?

Hey I’ve also found that if I go to an Accord board the replies are very, very hit & miss.


Stop by the dealer’s or visit the Toyota website and you’ll get the whole rundown.

Try this Toyota Forum…


The whole point of this is I might have to replace my Accord due to collision with deer with something in the $6k range, saw one of these cars parked on campus one day and was impressed so I thought i’d window shop around.