What's the better buy?

Planning on buying either a 2005 Corolla S with 73,000 miles or a 2007 Corolla LE with 84,000 miles. What is better buy?

Since it’s impossible for us to tell from here the condition of the vehicles and we have no knowledge of either car’s maintenance history or of your personal needs and preferences, and you’ve not chosen to tell us the prices, it’s impossible to guess.

These two cars are the same model years. They could be dramatically different or exactly the same except for the LE vs. S differences. We have no way of knowing.

If the cars’ conditions and cost are the same, and either meets your needs, either is just as good as the other.

Agree with Mountainbike; you need to know the actual conditon and maintenance histoy.

In general, stay way from anything with “S” or “GT” on it. Most of these vehicles have been driven by leadfoot kids and are generally abused. The LE will also have better gas mileage than the S, if that’s important.

What’s the price for each, and what are the options? What is the condition of each?

I disagree after helping my brother in law find a 2006 Corolla. All Corolla’s of this vintage achieve the same MPG and are all equally same(boring) to drive.

He likes it for one fact, 40MPG+ and a 100 mile+ commute.

In those years the S model of the Corolla was just a trim level, it was mechnically the same as the LE and CE models. The mileage will be be same as will the performance.

FoDaddy is correct. Mechanically all the different Corolla models of that vintage were the same. And they got 38 mpg hwy.

I had a 2005.

If both are equally well maintained with one owner and a verifialbe service record, and both were garaged, and both were either highway miles, or both were city driven, by the one that cost the least. otherwise, find out the differences and base your choice on the facts of the condition.