HELP - Need new wheels

Help - my car is on it’s last leg - or wheel as the case may be. It’s a Corolla SR5 manual that I bought it 1987 I still love it but it’s time to move on. I saw a Civic Coupe but I am not in love - I thought it had poor visabillity the windows seemed small and I was concerned. I want to love a car if I am spending 20 grand I need ideas for a somewhat sexy (am single no kids to tote around - mid 50’s) reliable car with a manual transmission and a sunroof. Any ideas will be much appreciated.

Most newer cars have tiny windows these days; something to do with aerodynamics or something.
Forget about backing up since the high trunk lid will block out most of your view to see where you’re backing up. Though you’ll have loads of trunk space to put things.

A Ford Fiesta and Focus SES will get you a stick shift and moon roof. However, be prepared to prod the salesman a few hundred times before he’ll realize you want the stick/roof option and not the auto/roof options he has on the lot, and be prepared to wait for them to build one to your liking(if you’re going brand new that is). And that’s if they don’t have any available in their dealership network.

Mazdaspeed 3? They’re entertaining.

You’ll notice less visibility in modern cars because all the roof pillars have airbags in them now, which means they have to be thicker than the older cars. You get used to it.

thanks – mazda is one of them that I am thinking of – what about scion? yes got the bait and switch already with the manual – they tell me thy have in the showroom and when I show up magically it sold an hour ago and was driven off the lot-- what a joke-- the salesmena are stressing me out

A Scion tC would certainly be worth a look, it’s just been updated, so it might be hard to find for a while. Another Corolla, or a Yaris would be options, and I’d certainly look at the new Fiesta. I drove one, really liked it.

I wanted a 2 door and now might look at the sedan for the civic - the coop just felt almost claustrophobic to me – maybe the sedan has bigger windows- it seems the 2 door manual, sunroof combo is hard to do for under 20…and I really didn’t want to go much above that since I don’t drive that much – thanks for the advice

Love comes from familiarity and dependability. I would try out what brought you to this point and Toyota makes lots of derivatives of the popular Corolla. There has to be a body style that meets your needs. I would strongly consider an automatic. As we age, speaking from experience, you develop all sorts of ailments (rotator cuff, knees exc.) and having one car that you will keep a long time and being single means the safety of an auto can’t be overlooked. At some point you may have to operate with fewer than 4 dependable limbs with no back up in traffic.
Also consider a car with more upright seating. May be back to a new Corolla with the more potent and sporty 2.4L motor.

My that is harsh… all I am looking for is a cute car that I will like, the europeans seem to drive the manuals well into old age I don’t know what the big problem is, not sure about you but I am planning to keep all of my dependable limbs for quite a few more years.

If you’re NOT comfortable in the car, then DON’T buy it. You’ll regret it later.

Well, the Fiesta and Focus come in just under $20k new, which is why I suggested those. I checked the Mazda 2 and it doesn’t, nor does the 3 that I could see.

By Definition, Coops Are Claustrophobic, Or At Least Confining. Coupes, Not So Much.

Sorry, it wasn’t intended that way (harsh). Just speaking from experience. I planned on keeping mine functional all the time too, but I now plan for the unexpected.

Hyundai Sonata-nice looking car, good mileage, great warranty.