Quater mile

what is the number’s for a 20008 nissan altima 2.5s with cvt transmission

It’s Still 1,320 Even For A 20,008 In The Quater!

With all due respect, this is not a drag racing car. Regular cars are usually stated in “zero to sixty” times. For a new Altima I’ll guess perhaps a 7 second 0-60. Wild guess.

If the OP is planning on going to the local drag strip, an engine larger than 2.5 liters and having something other than “normal” aspiration might be a good idea.

The car, you mean. The driver already has something other than normal aspiration.

A different tranny would be a nice touch too.


at least 16 seconds.

16.2 seconds @ 87 MPH according to C&D a few months back. Not bad for a 4 cylinder family sedan, but it’s not a rocket sled by any strech.

why is the hybrid faster than the regular altima

Because it has more power than just with an engine.