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The real topspeed of a nissan altima 2008 2.5sl sedan

is the real top speed of a nissan altima 2008 2.5sl sedan 112? Please tell me the truth.

You’ve already asked this question. You were given two answers. The only way to know the true answer to your question is to test the vehicle, which is why there are magazines that do that. So go to one of those websites-this is an auto repair and advice site.

and i did so

third opinion…It sounds like you’re going to go out and find out for yourself anyway. WATCH IT ! JUST BECAUSE THE CAR COULD DO 112, WILL THE ROAD SURFACE LET YOU ? Out west here, even though I40 looks straight and un interupted there are waves that you don’t feel at 75 which will kick you off the road at 112.

Would it really kill you to only go 112? Where can you really go faster than that, halfways between El Paso and Ft. Stockton on I-10? If that’s too slow for you, you don’t want a car, you want an airplane.

im just trying to know what it was. AND DO YOU WANT A AIRPLANE?

If you own one, the simplest way to test it is to go to a drag strip and run it.

Would an Altima with the 2.5 liter engine be able to reach its top speed within 1/4 mile? I don’t think so.

All sniping aside, I do have an airplane. 1974 Cessna 172 ( 182 engine ) expensive hobby but I co-own with my dad and it’s a wonderful experience to pilot your own. -back to subject- If you could find a race track somewhere it would be the safest way to find absolute top speed. I don’t trust our roads, as I mentioned earlier, but a track ? now we’re talkin’.


I know that the 2.5 cant. 175hp,180 pound feet of torque.

It’s a quarter mile drag strip for cars that will hit 300 MPH. I wouldn’t be surprised if the strip let a driver go a bit farther before braking. If you know what distance is required to stop from 60 MPH and a lower speed (often in a magazine test) you can figure how long a distance is need to stop from, say, 150 MPH - an unrealistically high top speed.

i ran it topspeed 135mph