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2007 Altima 3.5 SL

Hi guys, got a few questions here. I just bought 2007 Altima 3.5SL preowned from a non-nissan dealership.

1. Is it true that premium unleaded gas which is recommended for this car can save more gas rather than the 87 AKI regular unleaded which is allowed to be used according to the manual?

2. The CVT (continuous variable transmission)has a delay on acceleration when shifting from neutral to drive. Is it normal? Also, when shifting gear from P or R or N or D, I feel a bump. Are these normal for CVT type of transmission?

3. Shifting from D to N while waiting in red light. Is it saving gas and let the engine rest or is it ruining the transmission and waste more gas considering the CVT type of transmission?

  1. Yes, it might save gas. While your knock sensor will compensate for regular sufficient to allow you to use it, it does this by backing off the spark advance and this may have an adverse effect on your mileage. How you drive and your driving environment will be key factors on whether and how much of an effect it has.

2)don’t know this one. I’ve only test drive a CVT, not enough to become familiar with its eccentricities.

  1. I doubt that it has any measurable effect whatsoever. There will be a miniscule load of teh torque converter on the engine, but I doubt that it will be enough to measuer even over the long term.

. The VQ V6 in your car can run on 87 octane ok, however it will run better and more efficiently on 91 octane or above. The difference in performance and fuel economy is especially notable in vehicles with this engine.

  1. The CVT operates on a different principle than regular automatics. What you are feeling is probably the hydraulic pump; it?s nothing to be concerned over.

  2. Hard to say, but I doubt if there would be any noticeably improvement if it were true.