2008 Altima CVT transmission - Should I take action?

I’ve read here and elsewhere about the problems with this model’s CVT tranny.
Knowing the warranty was on the tranny was extended to 10yrs/120,000, my time is running out on being under warranty.
Having said that, I’m wondering if I should take action. There are no problems I’m aware of with the tranny (no noises, hesitation, sluggishness, etc.)

But I ran across a couple of pieces of info. First a TSB (NTB 10-=121) which basically says the problem is "cars equipped with the CVT transmission, a slight vehicle hesitation and/or a surge
type feel may be felt under light acceleration at speeds between 10 and 45 mph,
when the engine RPMs are between 1200 and 2000."
Nissan solution is to “reprogram the TCM and install a Torque Rod Service Kit (part # 11250-ZX60A).”

Secondly, there is TSB NTB09-148Awhich says "cars equipped with CVT transmissions may have the following trouble codes stores in the TCM, PO840, PO845, PO744, P1777.
Nissan solution is “the control valve assembly will need to be replaced.”

So, should I be worrying about any of this?
Is the first thing something I should have them do, is it for all 2008 Altimas even if I don’t see, hear or feel any symptons?
And should I have the dealer check for the trouble codes, they want $110 to test for the codes and it’s free only if they detect one of the codes.
Help please, I miss my 1972 Torino.
Thanks all.


OK fine, why worry. Check your manual to see if you need service work done by miles or time. The car is 9 years old and things do break.

I would have the fluid and filter changed out by the dealer if you have not done so.

Thanks Volvo and KN. I was going to do the Auto Zone freebie code check, but they say their tester wouldn’t detect those codes.

I dug deep into the 2008 Altima at CarComplaints.com, one of our CarTalk partner publications. I like the way you are thinking. What you really need to know is “When do the transmission failures in this model occur on average?” The answer to that question, according to CarComplaints owner reports is 123,000 miles.

I have to believe that 90% of early failures to CVTs occur to the 10% of drivers who flog them the worst.

The CVT in our '08 Altima started squealing/squeaking at around 60K miles. The transaxle was replaced under warranty. At about 120K miles, the replacement started making the same noise. A fluid and filter change made the noise go away. Have you serviced the transaxle yet?

Some inde shops offer a pre-warranty expiration service, where they test stuff that the warranty is about to run out, so the owner can get it in to the dealer to be taken care of while still under the warranty. This link might be helpful.