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small pyrex bowl for pudding stuck in pyrex measuring container–how do you separate–tried heat and ice and wd-40-

Get them wet, invert, and gently tap around the perimeter.

thank you. I will give it a try.

Get a towel, fold it, put on carpeted floor and slam the thing down. You don’t need a towel so maybe a newspaper in case the dish breaks. Wear a leather glove.

Immerse the dishes (not, you) in water so that the opening is to the side. Water may go between the dishes to break the vacuum. Tapping on the dishes may help the water to seep in between.

My first suggestion is to wet a towel with hot water and with the bowls turned upside-down cover the outside bowl with the hot towel. May need to repeat until the bowl is warm.

Good Luck

Out of curiosity, when did this change from car talk to container talk?

By the way, the putting them sideways into water will likely work the best and quickest. Try putting some dish soap in the water as well - the soap may act as a lubricant and help the dishes separate.

Or, you could do it the Mythbuster’s way. If there is at least a few drops of water between the two, set the pyrex bowl on the stove and turn up the heat to create steam. Be sure to stand back with a catchers mitt when the inside piece returns from the ceiling. :slight_smile: