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Spilled minnows in car

Took my little cousin fishing today. Forgot they were in the back seat and took a sharp turn spilling a few minnows. We quickly threw the fish back in the cooler and only spilled maybe 2 cups of the water. What is my best way to prevent any smell from starting. The water was tap water. I was going to use some scotchgard upholstery cleaner once the carpet dries.

Thanks for any help!

First thing is right now use all the paper towels you need to absorb every drop of water you can. Only when they come up completely dry do you then move to cleaning. Since it’s fishy water, I’d use some type of deodorizing cleaner, not just scotchguard. Soak the area in, say, Odoban, then soak it up with more paper towels, then let dry.

I would flood the floorpan with water then vacuum it out with a shop vac to dry it.

I ran out of paper towels before I was able to get all the water up but I did still spray with some Odoban. Will buy more paper towels in the morning and try again. Thanks for the great tips. Anymore would be greatly appreciated!

If the live fish were returned to the water immediately you should not get any smell at all. Dry out your interior but don’t obsess over this incident. Nothing bad will happen.

I’d just soak up whatever you can with paper towels, perhaps spread som baking soda on it, and shop vac it out using the highest vacuum shop vac head. You should be fine.