Pwr Steer. Pump vs. Tie Rod

I have a power steering fluid leak in my 2001 VW Golf. Both the dealer & a local shop told me I needed to replace the pump & the tie rod. A third opinion suggested only replacing the pump b/c that’s what’s leaking. Does this make sense, i.e. only replacing the pump or should I expect to have to replace the tie rod down the road? The repairs for a pump/tie rod replacement exceed the value of the car.

Sincerely appreciate your thoughts/helps.

Tie rods don’t leak. Perhaps they were looking at a leak where the tie rod screws into the power steering rack. In that case it’s the rack that is leaking. The fix is a new rack which may include the tie rods, depending on where they buy it. If the pump is the only thing that is leaking, that’s all you need to replace. I would be suspicious of a shop that would suggest replacing a tie rod to cure a leak.

You could ask why the tie rods need replacing. The P/S leak would be a separate issue from any tie rod problem but it’s certainly possible the tie rods happen to be worn and need to be replaced. Also, which tie rods? There are four, two inner and two outer.

Shoot! I mis-typed, I meant the rack and pinion & not the tie rods :frowning:

How many miles are on this buggy?

It is entirely possible that both the pump and rack are leaking. If so, they both need replacement. IF not, only the one that’s leaking needs replacement. Ask the tech to show you the leaks.