Is the Tie Rod End related to Power Steering?

I have had two contradictory explanations for the tie rod being damaged in my Car.

I have a year 2000, Saturn L200

The power steering is leaking, the tie rod is also damaged (torn through?) and needs replacing. The warranty company will not cover the tie rod end.

The mechanic who was working on the car stated that the tie rod is damaged because the steering fluid was leaking, leading to added wear on the tie rod.

The shop manager says this is not mechanically possible, and that these are two independent events. Who is right?

The Warranty Company will come out to look at the power steering leak tomorrow, the manager has said he does not want to present these two problems as related because the company will “laugh at him.”

I really need to know - are the tie rod ends related to power steering?

Well yeah! The power steering rack has an inner tie rod end attached, and attached to this is the outer tie rod end.

From what you’re describing, it sounds like they found a bad inner tie rod end from a torn dust boot. And a leaking rack and pinion won’t cause the inner to wear. As a matter of fact, the leaking power steering fluid would keep it clean.

If you’re getting a free rack and pinion assembly, ask that they install a long rack. This includes new inner tie rod ends and dust boots. Problem solved.


If it’s an OUTER tie rod end, that’s a “normal wear item” in the eyes of extended warranty companies…That part will be on you…