Puzzler - Using your Emergency Brakes

HA… I had a youthful flashback about using the emergency brake so your brake lights don’t shine. As a teenager, to sneak into the drive-in movies on the backside of the parking lot, I used my parking brake. Had to jump a small hill with my green ford maverick which required speed… then immediately stop the car to avoid a building, so the parking brake was used so they didn’t see us coming in.

thanks for sparking my memory!!!


The E brake immediately came to mind. I dismissed it as an answer because it was too obvious. The answer created a new “puzzler” for me. Why would Crusty be using his E brake to stop? My only logical answer would be that his regular brakes are for some reason inoperable. In this case why would Crusty be commuting to work? Why would the officer not be suspicious of this?