2017 Acura RDX - Failed brakes

Brakes failed, in a drive thru picking up food, the car in front of me moved fordward, i had this same thing happen, so i had the car in park
my time to go shifted the car in drive it would not stop, shifted in park still would not stop break padal when to the floor and I hit the person in front of me

Tow the car to your mechanic’s, DO NOT DRIVE IT

I will never understand why people don’t either turn the ignition switch off or use the hand brake in a circumstance like this.

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probably because the insurance industry has strongly discouraged the use of the word “emergency brake” and people don’t think of that with the hand brake.


I don’t know about your area but in my area everyone I know call’s it the E brake or hand brake not the parking brake.

Reaction time.

Next time you’re coming down the mountain pass at 60 mph in your 1 ton dually, loaded with 2 cords of fire wood.

Try stopping in an emergency situation just using your “Emergency” brake.


I’ve always called it the E-brake, I’ve heard hand brake too.

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When the vehicles are just 5 feet apart there isn’t enough time to find the parking brake pedal with your hand.

Reaction time.

I agree with reaction time to a point with just about everyone now a day’s seem’s to have a need to have the phone in their hand add’s a few second’s more to reaction time.