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Puzzled by valve design

I’ve got a P1195 on a 98 Protégé. I did a vacuum test on the Boost Sensor Solenoid Valve and found air leaking in through one of it’s (3) ports, that has this plastic/rubber cap over it. The cap is far from sealing the port; it almost seems like the cap is meant to allow air to vent out (or into) the port. Is this the case? Is this leaky port likely the cause for the P1195?

Nevermind. I found the answer on YouTube. The ‘‘cap’’ is actually a filter and air is supposed to pass through it.

I can tell you that
Oh, never mind.

Geeze, what’s with this site now and all the ads?? Somebody mentions “valve” and immediately below is an ad for Apolo Valves. Stainless water/steam or something no doubt.

Glad you found the answer anyway 'cause I had no idea.

They’ve succumbed to the commonplace website business model of (for a fee) allowing popups for businesses to promote their wares. The model is aggravating to the user, but someone needs to cover the cost of operating the site.

I just hope they don’t allow the site to be overwhelmed with streaming video popups. Still image ads allow the user to keep using the site, but numerous streaming video popups can easily overwhelm the bandwidth and cause the site to become bogged down. At that point websites just become very busy, sometimes unusable chaos. At that point they no longer promote anybody’s anything… and become unpleasant to use.

Ah, I see. Somebody has to pay and that’s ok with me. I’ll put up with it but I think Apolo Valves is going to be very disappointed in the sales generated.

fyi, I’m not seeing pop-up ads here. I see the ads in the regular places they’ve been for sometime, intermixed between the posts. But no pop-ups.

Maybe its if you use Chrome. When I click on the X to delete them its identified as from Google. Not to change the subject but I think its time to break some of these boys up like Google and Facebook, like we did with Bell Telephone years ago.

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I don’t have chrome and I get them.
I urge the web geeks not to allow the site to become any more saturated by them than they already are, but I fear my plea will fall on deaf ears. Money talks.

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Ads? I don’t see any ads?
I guess one good thing about having a lame PC connected to lousy dial-up phone modem that takes forever to do anything and can’t even run videos is that it can’t even run any ads! :laughing:

And there you go. Right under your comment is an ad for Century Link. “Want fast speeds at the right price?” Just between us though, I wouldn’t recommend them.

I see no ads.

There are two places that say, “ADVERTISEMENT”. That’s it! :slight_smile: