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EVAP FUN! p0441 98 Toyota Camry

Hi guys! I have a 98 camry 2.2L with a p0441 trouble code. Gas cap is fine. I pressure tested the VSV solenoid on the charcoal canister. It holds vacuum but when i activate the solenoid when vacuum is applied, it clicks and goes from 18in to about 5in on the vacuum guage. I am wondering if it is sticky or it is functioning properly. Also charcoal canister appears to be in good shape. Anything helps, thanks guys

Maybe this can give you some ideas:

Thanks Kurt! Very informative video, i have been watching a lot of videos on YouTube but I haven’t seen that one. The guy in the video mentioned that their can be vacuum in the gas tank, which is my problem. When the tank is almost empty, the gas cap is extremely hard to remove. Which leads me to believe the vent valve that allows air into the canister is defective, ny problem is that I don’t know where that valve is on my Toyota, i think it is related (or is) the VSV solenoid located on the charcoal canister. It seems to test okay. Is there a way i can check the ports on the actual canister in relation to the VSV?

I think one of those circular diaphragms on the canister must be be vent air valve, i think its contolled by the VSV, (the little solenoid on the ground). Just don’t know where to go from here. Thanks

Did you look at this video? :

You could try to blow air through the vent holes in case it is plugged up.

Thanks again Kurt! Yep, saw that one, i blew on it, seemed to not be clogged.

I had the same problem on my 97 Camry 4cyl (original owner, 169k miles). I ended up replacing the charcoal canister. That fixed the problem. Over the years I have changed just about all the emission system components except for the EGR. Changing the VSV on the back side of the engine block is always fun.

Yeah wquon01, that’s about right, I have almost reached that point. I have that valve on the engine and after that all that’s left is the canister​:cry::joy: