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P1195 on Protege

The EGR boost sensor and the EGR boost sensor solenoid valve have been replaced with brand new OE versions. The vacuum hoses are clear and the port that the boost sensor solenoid valve plugs into is clear also, as far as I can tell. I ran a wire through it to verify. But at idle, the vacuum at this port is extremely weak. So weak that when I put my finger on it I can just barely feel any suction. I’ve been thinking that maybe it has something to do with the EGR valve because I know it ties in with vacuum and it’s very close to the port I’m talking about. But no code for the EGR valve so it doesn’t seem very likely. Plus it passed the resistance test on all 6 pins. So is it normal for there to be just a tiny bit of vacuum at the boost sensor port when the engine is at idle? I’m prepared to remove the intake manifold to give it a thorough cleaning and to inspect it - which is the main reason I came here. So my questions: Do any of you guys know of a really good, non-toxic or at least a low volatile detergent that is safe on aluminum to clean it out with? Because I plan to do this in an apartment where fumes would be an issue. But if it comes down to it, I could soak it out on the balcony so I’m open to about anything but still would like to use something eco-friendly and safe.

Doesn’t your bathroom have a fart fan?


It does… but I don’t know if it would be strong enough for some of those heavy duty de-greasers and such.

If the fan can get rid of a fart bomb, it’ll get rid of the solvent smell.


Alright. Do you recommend an overnight soak or just spray it out with something?

Any specific brands of aluminum-safe solvents you prefer?

I’d use this.

It’s good at cleaning carbon deposits, and doesn’t stink as bad as other solvents.


I’ll give that a shot.