Leaving your car

HI there. I’m planning to leave the country for a year and I’m wondering what I need to do to take care of my car. Is it really so bad to just leave it sitting?

This has been covered lots of times. Try searching the archives.

Find a safe place for it. stabilizer in the fuel tank. Remove the battery (help keep the battery and makes the car harder to steal) and cancel your collusion insurance, but keep comprehensive as you still need that. If you like buy a battery tender for the batter to keep it in condition and you may avoid buying a new battery when you return.

Depending on the situation, consider selling it. It will still depreciate while you are away and the investment is costing you money. If you really like the car and want to avoid the bother of selling and buying, don’t worry.

A year storage is not all that long. Come back and ask (or search) for what to do when taking it out of storage.