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License plates that owners should have thought about more carefully

I saw a Morris Minor with the license plate MINOR LV

LOL! Whoops…

It wasn’t a license plate… but once I saw a “tricked out” Mitsubishi Eclipse or something with a large sticker across the back glass: " Nocturnal Fantasy".

My mind went directly into the gutter.

I think I saw the car some time later, and let’s just say the back glass was clear.

I’ll just drop this here:


Shadow, I almost fell off my chair laughing when I saw that one. Thanks.

A word of warning about vanity plates: recently there have been a number of vehicle owners who’ve received bills from EZPass states for blowing through their high speed lanes. Turns out, these have vanity plates very close to those of other cars. The one that blew the toll would have perhaps “CAMRY” and the one that got sent the bill would have “CAMRY+” for example. The photos are not being transcribed accurately, and bills… and tickets… are going to the wrong owners. Many have come from an adjoining state, and people are having to fight them.

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our state tried the redlight cameras for a week or so. than someone with connections got the state to dump the law. seems you cannot send a citation to the cars owner since there is no proof or evidence that the owner was driving. I suppose having the owner appear in court to explain who was driving was unconstitutional. seems odd. my car went thru a redlight but I don’t have to say if it was me driving or someone else.

I’m sure your xxx interpretation is exactly what the Eclipse owner had in mind.

I got rejected for CRXTASY on my old Honda CRX. Drug references aren’t allowed. I tried to explain to the DMV person that “ecstasy” is a real word that does not necessarily refer to psychoactive drugs, but was unsuccessful.

Oddly enough, I tried CRXTACY just to be a smartass and it went through, so then I got to drive around making other people think I can’t spell. Can’t win for losin’!

Vanity plates make it easier for cops to ID and remember your license number.


In Denver, the “red light cameras” not only get the plate, front and back, but also the driver…The then try to match the registration to a drivers license photo and if the pictures match, you are presumed guilty and that’s that…

I’ve seen cities try and treat red light cameras like a parking ticket. No points but a hefty fine assessed to the CAR. They don’t care who pays the fines. It gets around that “innocent until proven guilty” issue.

Related story - I got a ticket for failure to pay a toll on a bridge across the state from where I live, on a car I’ve never owned showing a temporary plate that was ON my own car at the time of the violation. A duplicate temp tag. I paid the toll ($1.41) because there was no way to prove that wasn’t me in the car with MY temp tag on it.

Am I the only one that doesn’t get “minor lv”? Las Vegas? Louis Vitton? I dunno.

At any rate you can’t be forced to incriminate yourself in this great land. So you can ask him if he was the driver but he can just take the 5th. Greedy city officials and camera vendors don’t like the constitution.

After the last world series my son changed his plate from soccer related to baseball but that’s all I can say.


A woman with the last name Hooker got that for her plate; after she got a lot of attention, she changed.

California doesn’t allow ‘naughty’ words but a guy got away with ‘FAH Q’ for a few years.

'An Arizona man who has been served 37 speeding tickets in the
mail is refusing to pay them because he says the pictures captured by
the state’s photo-enforcement cameras don’t show that it’s him
driving. The photos on the tickets all show the driver wearing a
monkey mask.

I heard about a guy getting away without paying tolls because he put on a gorilla mask when he went through the gate, but I can’t find the story.

Sometimes government departments goof up. Where I used to live in the East my county was designated DOA plus three numbers. Needless to say everyone associated with the medical profession got their own personal vanity plates instead of DOA (Dead On Arrival).

Saw one on a Datsun 240Z “WAS HIS Z”

:see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: :hear_no_evil:

Sometimes? Sorry, I couldn’t help myself! :grimacing:

Our church bought a Ford van with 666 plates on it in 1990. New plates were eventually ordered


57 tickets this guy had, police staked out his house and saw him putting on the mask

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I don’t get it either, but somehow, I think that’s a good thing…


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