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Put a dvd in the CD player

My question is about my car radio. I attempted to play a DVD in it rather than a DV, by mistake. (No need to tell me how dumb that was, my husband has already covered that.) Now I can’t seem to get back to my favorite station. Well one of them is still where I left it but the other one seems to just be gone. Did I mess something up? Is it salvageable?..or did the radio bogeyman get me?

I guess you mean CD instead of DV. Could it be as simple as programing your station presets again .

Eject the disc, an incompatible disc should have no affect on the AM or FM reception.


Please explain what this means. If you tune manually, do you still pull in this station? Or are you saying that the preset was lost?

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You may have FM 1 and FM 2. Switch over and you might be OK.

you put in a dvd by mistake when you thought it was a cd. than you discovered it would not play. i assume it said cd error or such. you could also have put in a dvd on purpose to see if you could hear the audio? though i dont know why. like listening to an audio book? still would get a cd error message. so 1st attempt is inadvertent while the 2nd attempt is planned. reset #1 to your fav station.