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Put A Caption On This

I found this jewel ( VW Jetta ) on my daily rounds. Apply a fun caption of punch line to it such as…

Do you think it will buff out?


customer: Can you check my oil?

service writer: forget the oil, should I check your engine?

customer: your just trying to rip me off.

I drove it to the accident, and now how much to drive it home?

I sure hope nobody stole my wheel cover. Those are hard to come by.

New motor mount and she should be good to go…

Next time I’ll remember my jack…

Don’t you just love the new cab over design?

Looks like they got him over a barrel!!

From someone sitting in the driver’s seat: “I’m looking for my engine. Has anybody seen my engine?”

It’s bad, it’s bad…but you ought to see the other guy.

Sign, then drive…

I don’t think my overdrive is working right. It made a funny noise…

a common repair order instruction ;
’’ engine missing ‘’

Remember Fahrvergnugen?

Mechanic to owner: I don’t know how it happened but your car just FOTL (Fell Off The Lift).

Ok, I’ll try: " Honey, I had a little trouble with the car today".

Along Bing’s subject line ;

‘’…uh…DAD ? ? ‘’

Hee hee. “My car won’t start”.

Tech to Customer: “I think I’ve found the problem.”

When you can’t find any concrete blocks to use as a jack stand.

My engine crapped out on me today

“Check engine”

Yeah . . . it seems to have fallen out