My Tech Is A Butcher


To make a long story short one my techs. cannot get the rt ft axle out of an 06 Lexus ES300. He will not get anymore work until he gets the car together and off my frame rack.

Do any of you guys have any knowledge on removing this axle out of the transaxle?


Oh my.

You’re the “mechanic” to whom everyone is afraid they will, without knowing better, take their vehicle.

I have to admire your willingness to post here, but I have no sympathy for you.

There are online manuals for every vehicle, and they explain EXACTLY how to disassemble and reassemble any part or system on any car you can imagine. Don’t you have this service available in your garage? If not, why not?

C’mon, a Lexus ES300 is basically a Camry. Are you saying your “tech” has never encountered a Camry before?

What city are you in? I want to make sure I avoid your shop. You employ a “butcher.” Enough said.


Gee… your awful tough without knowing any details.

You’re the “mechanic” to whom everyone is afraid they will, without knowing better, take their vehicle.

I have to admire your willingness to post here, but I have no sympathy for you. ///To be honest I am not the “mechanic”. You are just assuming I am. And I do not need and or want your sympathy nor do I want your advice which was requested since you have none. You also assume this is a last resort post. Actually the problem just occured and thought I would throw it out to see if anyone had any past knowledge on this.
I do not know why you decided to use sarcasm since my OP was a simple and honest request for information.

OK guys, anybody got some (real)info on this? Thanks


Something doesn’t make sense about your post. If the “tech” works for you, and can’t complete a task, it’s up to you to either assist him, or replace him. Where is the responsibility that you are supposed to be exercising? You’re “the man”. Be “the man”!


For crying in a bucket!!! Thats what this post is all about!!! Helping him solve the problem requires assistance and that means physical help and gathering information among other things. By posting this I am gathering information in an unconventional manner (posting on the internet) while we are not at the shop. Where is the crime in that???


There’s no crime, but please explain why you, and/or your “tech,” cannot find the answer to this problem AT YOUR SHOP. Why do you have to ask for help here?. You’re supposed to be PROFESSIONALS, right?

This vehicle is not “special.” It’s a freakin’ Camry. Why can’t you, or he, or she, figure out how to fix it?

This is SCARY!


Please read the title of your original post.

Your tech is a butcher. You said it yourself. Why do you want this person working for you, and why are you willing to subject your customers to this “butcher?”

I don’t see how anyone can help you as long as you are willing to employ a “butcher.”


the axle should be retained, just like many others, with a simple snap ring. it should come out with a pry bar/wooden block or a draw hammer.
sometimes they pop out easily and sometimes not so easy.

i think you’re way out of line in referring to the tech as a “butcher”.
why? because he is erring on the side of caution and not trying to force the issue too much?
you would prefer he uses a 6 foot cheater and a BFH followed by leaving you responsible for a cracked transaxle case?

if he’s a butcher, then who hired him?


In addition to what ok4450 said, I noticed in your original post that your tech has the vehicle on a frame rack so I am assuming that the vehicle is in a body shop, correct.
If the vehicle has front end damage then that can also account for him having trouble removing the axle. Like ok said, would you rather have him damage a very expensive transaxle or take his time and get the axle out without further damaging the vehicle?? It seems to me that a “Butcher” would be doing the exact opposite of what he is doing. Cut him some slack.



in retrospect, guess i should have pondered why a frame rack is being tied up over a half-shaft.


wonder if he’s hireing??? he’s the sort of charater,that when the guy breaks the case, will say i have to take that out of your check…sooooo sorry!


Are you talking about the intermediate halfshaft on the right side? That shaft is retained by a bearing mounted to the side of the engine. You can either remove the retaining ring from the bearing housing to remove the shaft, or remove the three bolts that mount the bearing housing to the side of the engine.



thank you,!!!


Gotta agree with mcparadise here. I post questions here cause I’m a hack and not even quite at “shadetree mechanic” status…I REALLY hope that the professional mechanics that I pay $75 an hour know how to handle jobs like this without resorting to the Car Talk chat forum for instructions…


This was one of the best lessons for anybody who wants to “run” a business. It was great to hear it from one of the people (as far as we know) who is trying to run himself out of business. If he knows body work, he could be going forever. There are lots of shops who work on your car who can’t fix their own cars. Often, they try to get the customer to make the decision to change a part. They brag about their 25 years of experience. Watch out if you don’t hear what field the experience was in. I know about things like this. I made a bit of money as a vehicle dispatcher during eight snow removal seasons. By giving dreadful advice and making good sounding suggestions, I must have cost the outfit twice as much as they paid me. Kick in a nickel for my actual worth to them and it comes out to quite a sum.


Hey Tester, I read this to my “butcher” and all of us laughed our butts off!!! What they thought was funny were the guys that had to say something but had nothing good to say. They observed the posters had no details but apparently had to say something. This came in Fri afternoon, I posted this about Sat. night and we had the shaft off by Mon. 9:00 am. Your post was the most accurate, (no offense, Some of you did offer real help). The bearing housing, a type of carrier bearing has 2 locating pins that are a real bugger to get past but it’s all good.


that’s a C tech job,you know the boy with the new tools,and a cell phone. that’s why you got the responses you got,15min job keep asking stupid stuff and you will get stupid answers.


sorry i am late to reply.

i have the manuals for my four autos. i have the shop repair manuals. through this forum i have learned about (for a 25.00 bucks) i can get up to date shop manuals for ANY car.

since i do participate in this forum to not only share in what little knowledge i can share, but to learn what i can for my own knowledge about general auto repair and maintenance.

from now on, i will give the proper attention that your posts deserve (zip).

since you put it the way you did, you have a mechanic at your shop. he is using your equipment. this effects your shop productivity. well. if this was my shop… go to the top of the response… i have the manuals, and i know how to get the info i need. do YOU?


I have alldata ,just not needed in this’s common sense. num 2 factory manual far out weigh any haynes crap or chilton manuals,and if you dont agree,factory montero manual=4 dedicated books,but haynes can do it in one.never gonna happen.


from your phrase “removing the axle out of the transaxle” i take this to mean that you could not physically separate the 2 at the splines.
you and your butcher are laughing at us? we’re not the ones overlooking the obvious.

since i’ve actually seen a few trashed cases from this sort of thing i was just trying to save the shop owner 4 large bills in case this was one of those mr. ham meets mr. bfh type of things. my bad.