What to do, what to do

Two recent events have just happened to colleagues of mine. Both dimayed me.

One bought a brand new Lincoln Navigator…and it died. They gave her a loaner and that died. Today she told me "they found some particles in the oil, changed the oil, checked the car and it’s fixed now. I consoled her and told her sometimes things just happen and I’m sure she’ll love her noew car now…the whole whil I was saying this my heart was in my stomach. What was I to say?

The second was a friend, a young fella, who’s headed to Florida and took his Neon in to have a minor oil leak checked. The diagnosis: a small amount was leaking out through an alleged breech in the headgasket between the oil passages and the outside world. He’s not having any cooling fluid loss, overheating, or any other problems. A leakdown test showed the cylinder to be fine, not leaking. My dismay is that the shop told him it would cost $2500 to fix and he’d never make it to Florida if they didn’t do the work. I explained the condition to him so that he could make an informed decision.

Is there no honor any more?

You know the answear to that,there are a few good ones-if you find a good shop , you better support them-Kevin


Isn’t this a sad commentary on morality–or the lack of it–in today’s society?

My basic principle at work was always to treat people as I would like to be treated, but I suppose that this would be considered old-fashioned or needlessly soft-hearted in the dog-eat-dog world of 2009.

I guess the answer is that there is still honor remaining somewhere, in some quarters, but it surely takes a lot of searching to find it. It’s too bad that neither of your friends encountered honorable people.

All the best,