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Pussled and in a hurry

95 chevy astro van, 60k miles

ran fine its whole life.

wouldnt start one morning in driveway.

runs on starting fluid, gas tank full, replaced fuel filter … no change. push car off of slight incline on driveway … starts and runs fine … happy …turn off. next day wont start, same situation. need help

Your problem CAN’T be answered until you answer a few questions. If it runs on start fluid, does it start on starting fluid? When it doesn’t start, does it crank at the normal cranking speed? Can you jump start it? How old is the battery? Is it a manual transmission, or something else?

When you drive the car back up the driveway so it is on the same incline at which it will not start, will it continue to run for several minutes at that incline, or will it stall?

This is not a diagnosis, but just an example of the sort of weird things that can happen on a car: My sister had a time/temperature (i.e. cold start) sensor fail on a Toyota Celica. It failed ONLY when the car was on an uphill grade, like when she was pulling into a parking structure or driving in San Francisco. As soon as she started up the grade, the car would flood out and stall. The dealer could never replicate the problem on a test drive till they found a sharp enough grade.