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Purge solenoid pigtail

The check engine light on my 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe has been on for months now. After replacing a couple vent control valves my mechanic told me that the issue was a bad purge (or maybe he said perc) solenoid pigtail, he’s claiming he can’t find a new part or get one from a scrap yard but he’ll install it if I find one. I’ve been doing my best to search for one online but I’m still not sure what I’m looking for, I’m hoping one of you fine folks can help. He also said that it’s the one under the hood not the gas tank. Any help would be much appreciated, I really need to get my baby past inspection in October.

ask your mechanic to write out the name of the piece. And a part number. He could be using the term “pigtail” differently than I would.

A pigtail is a connector (or other electrical part) terminating in bare wires, to be spliced in to replace a defective connector or part.

The only way to find one in a scrap yard is to find that same connector/part and cut the wires so you make the pigtail.

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Dorman part # 911-800