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Purge solenoid valve wire harness cut?

My brother has a 1999 buick century custom. He got it for free from one of my grandpa’s acquaintances who was a garage mechanic (and not a very good one.) Long story short we traced a problem back to the purge solenoid valve and found that it was unplugged. On closer inspection we found that the wire harness was ripped off and this guy attempted to tape it back together. That did not work. Any advice on how to get a new wiring harness, or repair the wires so we can plug in this one? I’ve included pictures of the torn plug and a new valve that we bought cause I though I was going to have to replace it.

I’m in a hurry so I’ve just given the short version, if you need more info please feel free to ask. Thanks.

edit my apologies, I’ve attached the photos.

I don’t see any photos. There are various standard ways to repair wires, but I’m guessing that the photo would show that it wasn’t a simple splice situation???

You might want to test the purge valve solenoid before bothering to repair it.


Head to your local Buick dealer and tell them you need an evap purge valve pigtail. Show them this picture, if you like

I’ve replaced lots of GM pigtails. The dealer can order this part for you, and the cost isn’t very high. It’s possible that napa might also be able to get it