What is this part for?

I own a 93 Subaru Impreza w/manual trans. I noticed a disconnected hose that went to this part, one of the nipples on the part had broken off. I went to the Subaru Dealership and they didn’t know what the part was, the mechanic thought it may be a secondary air injector. But nothing came up on the computer. I glued the part back together but I don’t think it will hold. It attaches to passenger side intake manifold. It also has an electrical connection. Does anyone know what this is?

Can you take a photo of where the part was mounted?

I’m thinking that the electrical connector energized a solenoid that moved a valve. I’m thinkin’ it’s probably a purge valve perhaps for the charcoal canister.

I’d bet OK4450 can tell you pretty easily & he’ll probably stop by.

But I, like mountainbike, could do better with some context - as in where it was removed from. I was also thinking EGR solenoid, though the spring clad bit at the top makes me think not as I assume that ends up inside of the intake manifold? If that spring loaded bit does not go into the intake I’m willing to bet on EGR vacuum solenoid.

Have you scrubbed it down to look for a part number?

Any chance it’s a washer fluid pump?

That’s my first guess.
windshield washer pump ?

The spring faces up, the part attaches to a bracket on the manifold one of the hoses goes to air intake the other back into the manifold.

I managed to get the part back on and so far the crazy glue is holding it together.

Purge valve for EVAP system…With the wires disconnected, the CEL should come on…But don’t complain if it doesn’t…

If you have to repair it, go to the hardware store and get a similar size brass nipple with short threads on one end. Then cut off the old nipple and flatten the surface and screw the brass one in. It should hold just fine.

Thanks, that sounds like it would work. I’ll give it a try.

I would try a different dealer, hopefully one that has a parts person who actually knows knows about parts.