I need a pig-tail


My 2001 ford focus station wagon has a perfectly good airbag that is not connected because I need a pig-tail (air-bag connector). Seems the previous owner wanted the air-bag disconnected and the mechanic lost the connector. Help please I have tried everything.


You need to have some caution here, it may need more than just a connector.

That said… go to a junk yard and find a junked out Focus, find the connector and cut it out of the harness. I do this all the time when I need a special connector.

Once you have the connector bring it to someone that can install it and perform a system test to make sure the system is functioning normally.


I agree. Do not try this yourself unless you know how to properly disable the system before installing it. If installing the pigtail triggers the airbag, you could get injured.

By the way, I’m wondering of the previous airbag had deployed and the owner had tried to replace it himself. That may be a clue that there’s other accident damage hiding somewhere. It’s agsint the law to disable the system, and I’d be surprized if any mechanic would do that.


Locating and removing the airbag control module will safely disable the system. On Fords, it’s usually located behind the glove box, about the size of a pack of cigarettes. It’s not illegal for the OWNER of a vehicle to disable the air-bags. It’s your car and you can do what you want with it. If you sell or trade in the car, you MUST tell the new owner the airbags are not functional…

Is the “pig-tail” actually the clock-spring that allows the steering wheel to turn? Removing that part is the hard way to disable the system…Removing it may have caused the non-replaceable fuse to blow in the control module, so you will have to buy one of those too. All this stuff can be found in salvage yards for a fraction of dealer prices…


I know it was disconnected by a mechanic. The problem is that we can not find a junked focus anywhere and cannot get anyone to help us find one. All of the junked focus’s for that year that we have found have the airbag deployed already.


I know the vehicle was not in an accident. The lady wanted to carry a 7 year old in the front seat so she asked the mechanic to disconnect it…an action that is not illegal in GA. Well once he disconnected it he lost the part that he took out…now we can not replace it. We can not find one anywhere and can not get any junkyard to care enough to help us find one.


If its the connector you need, why does it matter if the bag is deployed or not? You sure its not the capacitor that’s missing? Ford does not sell this part separate?


I was told that when the airbag is deployed this part will melt. No, Ford does not sell it seperately…that is the problem a new harness is $1000.00. The car is worth $4000.00 at best.


I’d like to know specificly what the name of the part is? I’ve been doing some research on the airbag system of this car and no where does it mention a part that melts.

If you want this system working and the only way to do so is to get the part for $1000 then just do it. Airbags are not a system to be messing with. You can’t just cobble this system together and hopes it works properly in a collision. Someone will get hurt or killed if it doesn’t function properly.