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Purchasing Full Bypass for 2000 Saturn SL Anti-Theft System

By now, I’m sure many of you have heard the old familiar story. The car begins to start only sporadically. Its impossible to predict when it will fail to turn over, and all likely causes have been checked out. The dreaded G.M. VATS, PassKey, and PassLock family of anti-theft devices have struck again…for decades now these systems have been keeping vehicles safe from being stolen by their owners. The system sounds like a good idea on paper, and works just fine…until it gets some wear and tear and the parts begin to wear out. The number I’ve heard quoted as an average is about 7 years until it typically fails, at which point you can look forward to spending anywhere up to a $1000 to get a new one installed, realizing that it will eventually wear out as well…

That’s too rich for my blood, and I also can’t afford to buy another car, or go without one. So I’ve pretty much decided to spend about $50 on one of the Bypass systems you can buy off the Internet. I’m just wondering if anyone has any experience with installing one of these, or has any recommendations about which websites are (or are not!) reputable people to buy one from.

Here are links to the website that first helped me diagnose the problem, and the site I’m planning to buy the part from.

Any and all feedback is sincerely appreciated.

You should only need to have the passkey reset program run on the BCM. It can take a couple hours to run but the mechanic does not have to monitor it while running, just hook up the GM scan tool and set it to run. The charge should be around $50.

Thank you Keith. The problem is that the car won’t start at all now, so we can’t get it to a mechanic. I like the $50 price tag, but getting them to make a house-call is a bit tougher.

They won’t do that for $50. Call a GM dealer before you tow it in to get a firm estimate.