Puppy chewed up emergency brake

Any suggestions on how to cosmetically repair a chewed up parking brake on my 2007 Honda Fit? Brake still functions but the plastic covering is chewed up!

You should be able to order the plastic covering through the parts department of a Honda dealer. Another alternative would be to call salvage yards in your area and see if they have a totaled Honda Fit and obtain a used cover. The last alternative would be to visit an upholstery and trim shop. They may be able to make a custom cover at a reasonable price and your car would be unique.

Great suggestions!

Thanks much

Agree with above recommendations. Last year I took a book out of the libray and the clerk asked me why my Library Card had all those holes in it. You guessed it; a Bishon Freese cross loves to chew on whatever is handy. I lost the straps off my leather sandals that way as well.

Thanks! It’s been years since I had a puppy and today’s mishap has become Puppy Lesson #1. Obviously I need a refresher course on keeping puppies from chewing!

“Obviously I need a refresher course on keeping puppies from chewing!”

Until your new pal ages a bit, you might consider traveling with a dog kennel in the back seat. Doggie can ride inside. This will also keep the dog from jumping under your feet or into your face while you are driving. You can’t stop it from chewing right now, but you can control it by controlling the environment.

Good point. I always have my pet in the carrier for trips in the car. A pet can really be tossed around on a sudden stop. Our dog goes to a dog day care twice a week. He loves romping with other dogs and as soon as he sees me pick up the pet carrier he knows where he is going. He heads for the van, jumps in the sliding door and goes into his pet carrier.

That should be PARKING brake. If you have ever had to try and use it as an emergency brake you will know why.

Go to an electrical supply house and get some large diameter shrink tubing, cut to side, slide on, and use a heater to shrink around the damaged area.