Mice nesting

2007 Honda Fit parked in car port. Mouse nest in blower housing. Filter and hose chewed. The techs said they think they’ve removed 90%. There might be more in the evaporator. If I need to have this replaced, it would cost a lot.

Driving home from the dealer, the odor hits me hard. Were they suggesting that this odor will diminish as any dead tissue decomposes?

They say there’s no way to prevent mice from chewing through the firewall and re-entering the system. They suggest rodent poison on my floorboards and under the seats. My husband wants glue boards in the car. I think if that traps an animal overnight, the stench will be awful.

I did find sonic plug-in rodent repellers. I plugged one in the outlet on the wall of the carport near the car.

What do you suggest?

Well, if you can make the mice believe there’s a predator in the area they’ll leave. Check with a local garden center and see if they sell a product like this. http://www.yardlover.com/fox-urine-shake-n-go-granular-16-oz


I really doubt they are chewing through the firewall (it’s steel) as stated. What you could try is putting some 1/4 inch steel mesh over the fresh air intake. And seal any other places they may have gained entry, such as where wires or hoses go through the firewall. 1/4" is small enough to keep them out without restricting airflow.

Glue boards are a much better option then poison. If they take the poison and then crawl into an inaccessable spot and die they’ll stink to high heavens as they rot. With glue boards they’ll stay right where they are and you’ll be able to remove then before they start to stinkin’.

But I like Tester’s imitation predator idea, as well as the Pvt’s ideas on sealing openings.