Pulls to the right


I just got a new vw bug with 1200 miles. It pulls to the right and when I had it checked at vw the tire pressure was good and it was aligned.

I was told to perhaps wait until the 5000 service and things might settle in.

I don’t think that will happen unless it’s something rubbing that will wear down in 5000 miles.

Any ideas


get a second opinion!
Should not pull unless there is an alignment problem or a tire problem.


I had the same problem on one of my cars. The tires had about 4k on them at the time. I had the car aligned and the tires rotated front to back to no effect. I switched the front tires side to side, after that the car tracked straight.

I agree that you should get a second opinion. Try rotating the tires front to back and if necessary side to side.

Good luck,

Ed B.


Or a brake dragging.

I agree, get a second opinion.

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