Puffer being stolen caught on security camera

WIMPS afraid to endure a little cold , so they wastexpen$ive fuel and pollute our air inefficiently warming their vehicle.
Do the dolts actually get cold, more?
1- Put on clothes, go.utside into the cold.
2- Slip into the cold vehicle and starthengine. (Not remote start.)
3- Out into the cold again
4- Walk in the cold back to the house.
5- Outside again into the cold walking to their vehicle.

I just get in, start engine, immediately place in Drive.
Let idle move the vehicle up the street.
Under load, thengine warms faster and I am using the fueheading toward my destination.

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Never heard of puffers before.

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Robert, I am afraid I don’t understand the relationship between the article and the rest of your post, What is a Puffer?

That aside I warm up my vehicle the same way you do, by driving it, The car warms up before you lose the body heat you carried out of the house. Leave a window open a little and don.t turn on the heat until the engine temp starts to come up and the windows won’t steam up.

In the old days before we had trucks with insulated cabs and separate heater and defroster cores and window fans when going up to Watertown and North we used to dress warm and carry a blanket. The only was to keep the windshield clear was to turn off the heat 'let the windshield freeze on the inside, scrape it clear and crack a window on the side opposite the wind. Winter nighttime temps were usually -25F or below. The coldest I was in was -43F.


I was confused too. I think it’s local (To CO) slang.

Means a car that’s running and unattended…puffing smoke.

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Puffers - A term used to describe vehicles left running unattended so anyone can just get in and drive off.

Of course this thread was started by a person who had all kinds of goofy ideas about keeping his vehicle warm and ready to go.


Let’s not forget his over inflated tires and supposedly driving at over 100mph.


Aw, man, I thought somebody stole some


That is exactly what I thought at first…

I thought they were stealing asthma inhalers.


That’s what I thought too. I don’t use it much but my remote start is pretty secure. It only goes for 10 minutes and then you have to start it again if you want. The doors need to be locked first and if you get in, you can’t shift it out of park without putting the key in and turning the key on. So not likely to be stolen by anyone.

I think Robert Gift and I should start a 100 mph club for car talk members who will admit to going over 100 on public roads. The only reason my grandmother never drove 100 is that her 41 Studebaker Commander would not go much over 90. The first tine I cracked 100 was in a 1940 Buick Century with the twin 2 barrel carbs. It was fast but handled like a pig.

I have actually had a few blowouts over a hundred. Nothing dramatic happening as long as you don’t hit the brake, just let the tire slow you down til you get under 50.

A rear blowout is more dangerous because there is a drop and swerve involved with the rear trying to steer the car. You have to counter steer to correct but the worst thing you can do is over correct. AAA did some tests in the 50s or 60s and found out the most dangerous speed for a read blowout was between 55 and 60. That gave the most violent drop and swerve Above that speed the centrifugal force or the wheel and tire gave you more stability.

Wow! They had antifreeze down to thatemperature?
What was the motor oilike at - 43Âş F.?

“Of course this thread was started by a person who had all kinds of goofy ideas about keeping his vehicle warm and ready to go.”
Now using a 250-Watt floodlight shinning up onto the oil pan withood covered by a sheet drapedown over the grill to retaiheat.
Why are magnetic oil paheaterso expen$ive?

“Let’s not forget his over inflated tires and supposedly driving at over 100mph.”
[50 PSI Max] which the tire company put at 48 upon customerequest.
Transporting snake antivenin for a child, on vacant Interstate the 2016 RX350 can attain 130 mph.

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Why does Letsuck make a vehicle which goes 130 mph when the maximum legal speed limit is 85 mph?
The RX350 seemed like it could go faster, buthere was a curve ahead.
This also includes the drag caused by the Whelen Liberty II light bar which surprisingly is not aerodynamically shaped. [______]

On a straightaway in ideal conditions and properly inflated tires.

129 MPH is what it’ll do before the ECU decides that you’re going fast enough

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I had my little G6 up to 90 inadvertently. It wasn’t even trying so heaven knows how fast it would go. I had to pass two cars on a stretch that does not have many options to pass. So just hit the gas and when I looked down I was going 90. No effort at all. Got it down to 60 again by the time I sailed past the cemetery. Slow drivers on two lane roads are very dangerous.

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Thank you.
The dash cam video read 130.
On emergentransports I rarely glance athe speedometer because I am focusing ahead.

The previous emergencyehicle, 2013 RX350, started acting like some cylinders were missing at 114 mph.

I was a dumb kid in 1970 driving the bosses mgc gt, 6 cyl, got up to 120 on a delivery via empty highway. * have not topped out any car since, but have been in the 85 to 90 in a couple since, rode like a train on a rail!*

But he was supposedly ready to stop on a dime, were he to round the bend and a baby was crawling across the road . . .


Prestone says a 60% antifreeze mixture protects to 62 below. I don.t know what the oil is like at those temps because we never shut them off unless there was a heated place to park them or at least an electric plug in. I was in bed at a motel in Montreal and dispatch instructed 3 of us to take a Kenworth tractor to the motel. when we got a call after 8 hours the driver had shut off the tractor and it would not even begin to start. we wrapped the tractor down to the ground with a tarp off one of our company’s rigs that had a flatbed load attached and built a wood fire under the oil pan to get it started.

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