Wet carpets = leak...somewhere

The carpets on my drivers side are pretty wet. At first I thought it was because I had cut my rubber floor mats and the top left to make it fit into the floor area. (so the water drained off onto the floor) but I readjusted the mat to make it so that the cut part sits up high…and this doesnt seem to be causing the problem. I have checked the door seal, I believe it to be solid seeing as the carpet right by the door is not wet, but the carpet right under where you would rest your feet is. Could this be coming from the wheel well?? Would a hole in my floor cause this?? If so…can I just weld a metal plate on there and seal it somehow? Does anyone have any experience with this?? My car is a 2003 Cavalier. One thing is that every mechanic I have ever taken it to claims that the underside is very clean and has little rust.

Take a look at the area under the grill right in front of the windscreen. The drain for this area often gets clogged, especially with fall leaves etc. Usually it ends up on the passenger side, but It is possible it could show up on the passenger side.

 [i] Would a hole in my floor cause this?[/i] 

  How about some information on this hole in the floor.  You should not have a hole in the floor.

To my knowledge there is in fact not a hole in my floor. However, I thought maybe a hole in my floor could cause this problem. One thing to note is that when I bought the car in May the car had to go through several safety inspections because of aftermarket components installed in the car. I had one inspection done at a chain (Ukranian Tire), but I had another done at my mechanic whom with which I have an excellent relationship. I will take your advice and have a look at that. Recentley the grill area there has been full of ice and snow…I will have to bust out a screw driver and chisel through lol.

It might not be a leak. It might be a clogged drain hose on the air conditioner.

Here Ya Go ! Piece Of Cake !

Some owners of 2000 - 20004 Chevrolet Cavaliers & Pontiac Sunfires complain of wet carpeting on the driver’s side.

The leak very well could be the result of a lack of sealer (from the factory) at a body seam in the bulkhead, just above where the throttle cable goes through.

I think you can find the spot under the hood, behind the engine. Track the throttle cable to the location and look at the horizontal seam above it. Many GM dealers use Kent High Tech Clear Seam Sealer to reseal it. It’s a good idea to clean the area with denatured alcohol first, to get the best seal. You may be able to find this where they sell body shop supplies or I suppose you could try another body seam product. Dealers may have the Kent product, but maybe not for resale to the public.

Hope this does it. Good Luck,

Sounds like CSA probably has it nailed down, but if that doesn’t do it, it could be the windshield leaking & dripping onto the floor.

I dont have an air conditioner…thanks for the suggestion though.

Thank you I will take a look at that in addition to the grill below the windshield and have a look! I will let you know.

Good, We’ll Wait To Hear In Case We Need To Make More Guesses.

I don’t know if it’s possible (or practical) to carefully roll down the floor covering inside the car, in that area, but water intrusion sometimes leaves a telltale trail of evidence.

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Well…we can be sure that a hole in the floor is not causing this. I looked underneath my car. There is not a hole…this is good!

I got some sealer…I wasnt able to find that exact type, but I got something from NAPA…only problem was that it was black and my car is grey. Nonetheless I used it anyways (since it goes underneath the hood were only I have to stare at its ugliness) and after cleaning the metal, I applied it across that horizontal seam…basically as far as the the far side as the throttle cable. I couldnt reach any further…the master cylinder is in the way.

In conclusion…its kinda ugly, I didnt do the best job but the seam is sealed. (Hey practice makes perfect!) I will let you know how it pans out.

Thanks For The Update. Were You Able To Get The Floor Dry ?


Negative, the floors are still as wet as ever.

Anyone got any other ideas??? The floors are soaked…this sucks!!!

Have you checked the windshield yet? Could take it to a glass shop & have them reseal it or at least inspect it to see if they think it’s leaking.

Will do!! Next on da list!

Hope it does the trick! Other wise you might have to invest in waders! :slight_smile:

Update this old thread: I went to the windshield place, they said every single seal is fine. Then after a while summer came…and the carpets weren’t wet anymore. I will see what happens this winter…

Do you know where the heater core is located on your car? Maybe the heater core is leaking into the passenger compartment.

If it is the heater core, wouldn’t it smell like antifreeze? I am not questioning your suggestion so much as really wanting to know this… Thanks.

Pine needles and leaves tend to clog up drainage areas around windshield, water will find its way in anywhere