PT Loser problem

Could you tell me what is wrong with this PT Cruiser 2002? I was on the interstate and it keeps doing it for a while now. The instrument panel is going crazy like I’m in the twilight zone. My hubby checked they fuses and they all seem to be fine. Also the odometer reads no bus every now and then. I’m sure you know what this is! Mind you I was doing at least 60mph.

Common problem with PT cruisers. Check fuse 17 (Ignition Draw Off) again to be sure it’s properly seated and not blown. If the fuse is good, you might have a loose wire between the computer and the gauge cluster. Or it might be a loose ground wire - check those, especially the one up under the dash (probably near the pedals). It could also be a bad computer.

“No Bus” means the data link between the gauge cluster and the car’s computer is down.

Thank you! I’ll let my hubby know :slight_smile:

Also, make sure you battery cables are clean and all you grounds are clean.