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PT Cruiser

The dashboard lights on my 06 PT Cruiser sometimes flash on and off. When this happens the engine will begin to hesitate when starting and sometimes need restarting. Once it died while I was driving, then ‘took’ when I restarted. I’ve changed the battery. The car only has 24,000 miles. At first the dealership mechanics said they couldn’t find anything wrong. Finally they said a bad connection to the rear wiper had caused a short, and that they’d fixed it, but it’s doing it again. Of course, it won’t do it when I take it in.

There are lots of possible locations. I will suggest starting with the battery cables. Remove and carefully clean every battery cable (both ends). I suggest doing one end of one cable at a time. I would also suspect that battery if it is original. Having it checked at an autoparts store should be free and informative.

Make Sure The IOD (Igniton Off Draw) Fuse Is Fully Seated.

This is something I would check first. I wonder if the dealer did already.

Sometimes these fuses are purposely “popped out” a little bit during shipping and storage of Cruisers to prevent battery drain. Then they are not fully reinstalled.

This has been found to be problematic on some 2006-2007 PT Cruisers. The fuse is located in the TIPM (Total Integrated Power Module). When the fuse begins to be inserted in its holder you will feel distinct detents, but the fuse has to pushed all the way in until it stops. Consult your Owner’s Manual for the TIPM location.


i had this happen the day after i picked up my car. one of the boards in the fuse box was cracked, so it only happened every once in awhile. good luck~

Dumb Londe, That’s A Pretty Smart “Heads Up”!