"NO BUS" 2001 Jeep Cherokee

My 2001 Jeep Cherokee was running fine until one morning when it would crank, but would not turn over. After several attempts I had left the key in the On position and noticed that after about 30 seconds the check engine light come on and “no bu5” appears in the odometer display. The check engine light does not stay on and I then noticed that the fuel gauge and voltmeter were not working (both are on left side of instrument cluster). I cannot verify whether the tachometer, speedometer or temperature gauges are working, but the fuel pressure gauge twitches when I turn the key on. I have checked every fuse inside and under the hood. I saw on another message board that someone cleaned the connections to their instrument cluster and fixed the problem. I removed my cluster and both connections look brand new. Any ideas would be appreciated.

No Bus means the communication network is not working. This can be caused by the a fault in the wiring harness in the communication network or a module in the network.

You need to take it to a Jeep dealer so they can connect a DRBII diagnostic scanner to determine where the problem is.