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PT Cruisers -- A/C problems

My cruiser looses freon and blows hot air, even when all knobs are in “off” position. My mechanic says the dash has to be pulled off to fix it – and it will cost about $1300 to fix—and this is a common problem with Cruisers…Is it?

I am sorry to inform you that at least where I live that we have the A/C on year round it is a common problem on most modern cars. Yes, the dash has to be pulled out too for most cars. As far as the price is concerned I dare not say in comparison with where I live.

Thanks so much for your response; I also checked with “Just Answer” at Chrysler and found out the same thing.

Are you saying refridgerant loss is a common problem on most modern cars? You can and do loose refridgerant even when the compressor is not running. Many cars loose refridgerant many many more don’t. A certain amount of loss is part of the design,but not in amounts that can’t be compensated for economically with by periodic recharge (4 to 6 yrs)

For the OP what part is requiring dash removal,evaporator? Dash removal never paid much under warranty from the Dealer (C/K pickup under 4 hrs) why is your man charging so much? Get us a itemized diagnosis to go over.

The freon loss is probably due to the Evaporator which has to be replaced and a loose expansion valve. I didn’t take it to a dealer, for the car is not under warranty now…it being about 8 years old. I also found out that there may be a blend air broken door – so all require the dash removal and repair. The “official” Chrysler mechanics at “Just Answer” estimated that the total time to remove and replace dash and repair would be a straight 6-8 hrs worth of work, which would add up in terms of labor costs. If it also requires a new evaporator, another $300 for the part, a broken blend air door, $100. My mechanic gave me a final project price of $1000. Thanks for your response and the chance to get it all out there!

I like the 8 hr labor figure (6 is a little skinny) 8 hrs for evaporator,blend door,expansion valve,evac and recharge,OK.

Give your dash and all accessories a good look over (before and after) so many chances to make a mistake. What about a new drier/reciever? ask your mechanic.

This may be a good time to take a vacation to Florida or Texas etc.  The A/C shops down there tend to be very efficient (they do a lot of them) and charge a lot less than northern shops and do as well or better.  So if you have been considering a vacation, that is what I would do.