2009 Subaru Forester - 3 Recharges

A/C STARTED BLOWING HOT, LOST ALL REFRIGERANT AFTER RECHARGED 3 TIME. A/C refrigerant just doesn’t disappear for no reason.

Find the leak!



A car A/C is not a sealed unit like a central home A/C. There are a dozen or so places where refrigerant can leak on a car so yes it can and does disappear for a good reason. A leak, or plural of that.

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Have a competent AC shop find the leak with dye. If they can’t find it in the engine compartment the leak is under the dash. The cost to find and fix an under dash leak is probably more than your Forester is worth. If this car is reliable and rust free you can balance the cost of repair vs a new to you vehicle. The straw that broke the camels back on my daughters 15 year old Skylark was an under dash AC leak. She bought a new car and someone who was OK without AC got a reliable cheap daily driver.

Nobody uses a dye anymore to locate AC leaks.



In that case there is an alternative: