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A/C fixed or not?

Hi all,

My 2005 Grand Caravan has a leak in the A/C under the dash. The mechanics say they will need to tear out the dash to get to it and it will cost $1000. As this car needs a couple of more things and I just repaired the battery and alternator, I don’t want to put this money into it. Will anything seize up if I just let it go? It’s August and summer will be over soon. Can I just deal with it or will this cause further problems?

Thanks to everyone!

Sounds like your problem is an evaporater that is leaking refrigerant. Correct? As long as the system is low or empty, the low presure switch will not allow the compressor to engage, which would damage it. You may notice some degradation in the efficiency of your defroster as the A/C helps to dry the air, but that’s about it.

Is your $1000 price from the dealer? You might benefit from a second opinion and shopping around.