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A/C repair on 2000 Jeep Cherokee

Hi all,

My wife’s 2000 Jeep Cherokee has a failing A/C system. Last year it was blowing warm air in the middle of the summer so I took it to a local mechanic who recharged the freon and it was fine through the rest of the summer. This year it is blowing warm again so we took it in for another recharge and it only lasted a few days. The mechanic said there is a leak at the evaporator coil(?) He said the entire dash needs to be removed to repair and it would run about $1000 to fix. This seems a bit steep. Any thoughts or experience with this issue?


You’re basically just stuck - either without AC or with the bill. The thing about the dash is pretty much true. The coil is probably not cheap either.

One thing you might do is, if you’re not completely confident with this shop, get a second opinion - or at least a second quote. Chances are it won’t change anything though. Do you know how they pinpointed the leak?

My own approach would probably be to ask them to completely drain out the system, take it home, do all the work myself, and then take it back to be evacuated & recharged.