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PT Cruiser thermostat, water pump, plugs, wires

2003 PT Cruiser, 76K miles. Control arm and bushing replaced in last 18mo. No other issues.

Dealer gave an estimate of $1100 to replace thermostat, water pump, timing belt (might as well), plugs and wires (arcing on 1,3, and 4). Says the radiator is “seeping” and will need to be replaced “soon” (aka 12mo) for an additional $565.

Called around, 6 other mechanics came within $200 of this price, dealer will put diagnosis payment towards the repairs. Says tranny and engine are good otherwise.

Am I being taken for a ride, or is this legit (6 hours for thermostat, water pump, 6 hours for plugs, wires). I knew this engine compartment was small but 12 hours? $1100? I’m $6K upside-down on this car. Dump or pump $ into it and keep?

If you are truly 6K upside down, then repair is the only viable option. All of these are routine maintenance requirements that are not surprising at the mileage you show.

I am assuming that the timing belt is being done in accordance with the approved Dodge interval. I would go ahead and do the radiator now and be done with it, although you may be able to get a better warranted new radiator installed from an independent mechanic cheaper. Check on the Dodge radiator warranty before signing up for it.