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Water Pump on PT Cruiser

About 4 months ago, we bought a 2004 PT Cruiser from my father-in-law. It has only 30,000 miles on it and is in great shape. We recently noticed the car overheating and took it to a local garage for an estimate. After a pressure test, the mechanic determined that the water pump is leaking. The service estimate is $1,025 to replace the water pump, timing belt, tensioner and drive belt. We’ve been told the price includes 7 hours labor. I’m a little surprised at the quoted price. Is this a reasonable deal? Should I get other estimates?

You should get another estimate. since the water pump is shot, and the time interval for the belt is up, then it does need the service indicated, but I agree the price seems high, and I would look for a price point between 600 and 900 bucks.

Your timing belt is due to be replaced at around 80,000 miles, or whatever your owner’s guide and warranty requires. Same thing with your water pump, which you should replace every second time you replace the timing belt.
At the dealership, the timing belt might cost around $500 alone but if you add the water pump cost (part only, since there is no added labor cost), you might expect a repair costing around $800.
Are you looking to replace these parts because of this other car you noticed overheating, or is the car you own having problems? Don’t spend any money aside from the normal maintenance unless you are experiencing actual problems. Follow the maintenance schedule instead, that is costly enough.

This is not a reasonable deal. I would get other estimates.

One of my coworkers had a PT Cruiser. The estimate may not be too far out of line because of the limited space under the hood. That said, it wouldn’t hurt to get another estimate.

Ed B.